Think you’ve got the perfect piece of content on your website, or not sure if it’s going to turn visitors away?  Before you hit the publish button, check out this list of common website content mistakes.  If you are guilty of any of them, there’s still time for a quick fix so you get the best possible result from your content.

1No clear call to action

What do you want your website visitor to do next?

Calls to action can include:

  • Buy now button
  • Sign up
  • Comments
  • Sharing tools
  • Downloads
  • Email sign up
  • Relevant hyperlinks

2Lack of content for each stage of the customer journey

Examples of content for each stage:

  • Awareness: Blog posts (explainers, how-tos, ), e-books, educational webinars, infographics
  • Consideration: Product comparisons, case studies, videos
  • Purchase: Product pages, trial offers, demos, coupons
  • Retention: Blog posts (product applications, success stories), newsletters, social media content

3Not making content local

Improve local relevance and gain loyal customers by:

  • Creating content that matters to your local area
  • Mention place names
  • Creating FAQs that are relevant
  • Local testimonials
  • Links to local business

4Making it hard to read

  • Don’t alienate or bore your audience by over-doing the jargon and technical language
  • Keep it concise – edit, edit and edit again
  • Short paragraphs, white space, headings, bullets
  • Use images to bring it to life

5Not using testimonials to their full potential

No need for separate testimonial page – who trusts it?

Instead pair it with the appropriate copy to help to alleviate any anxieties a prospective customer has.  For example:

  • On the payment page use a testimonial about how easy and fast a customer received their product
  • On the product page use a testimonial about how a product solved a problem they had

6Not making it human

  • Keep your ideal customer in mind and talk to them in a language they will understand.
  • Avoid unnatural language, jargon and convoluted phrases
  • Speak from the heart
  • Use real-life examples

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