floatron website

Yvette did a great job on helping with our new site and optimising it, but more importantly she was brilliant at teaching me what to do and giving lots of advice.

Emilie Dallyn
Owner, Floatron Ltd


How I Helped Floatron

Floatron sell a pool / pond purifier which offers an alternative to chemical based pool cleaning products.  They only sell over the internet and phone/mail order so their website is their shop front.

Their current website was built on static platform with limited optimisation carried out on it. Floatron were looking to better optimise their site for key terms associated with chemical alternatives.  After an initial consultation and analyse of the current site, it was clear that they needed to invest in a more sophisticated website platform to:

  • enable better on-site optimisation
  • create a more up-to-date shop front and image
  • enable sharing through social media to bring in more traffic

I worked with web developer JG Digital to build the new site.  I delivered a website strategy report for Floatron together with keyword research and face-to-face training to show Floatron how to optimise their site, create content and use social media to generate traffic and make their site more engaging.  Giving Floatron the guidance and training to do it themselves keeps their whole website marketing within their budget, rather than having to use the services of an external company all the time.


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