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It’s one of the most powerful local strategies your business can use to improve your local search ranking. And best of all it’s free, quick and doesn’t require any technical or marketing knowledge.

If you don’t have one, claiming and optimising your Google My Business (GMB) listing should be at the top of your marketing to do list, actually, the top of your to do list, full stop.  After all, what business today can afford to ignore the digital world?

Here’s a very quick guide why you should have a GMB page and how to do it.   Quick, because you shouldn’t be wasting any more time if you haven’t got one in place. Read this and get on with it…..

google my business

Why have a Google My Business page?

Ranking – Not claiming your GMB listing will significantly diminish your chances of showing up in local search results.  It is the number one ranking factor for a local business i.e. having a GMB page helps you to get that elusive top spot in the rankings above your competitors.

Visibility –  When people search for your business, if you have a GMB page, they may well see your business knowledge panel at the top of the results.

google my business page

It enables you to quickly put updates and useful information online about your business.  It helps you engage with your customers through their reviews. Oh, and have I already mentioned its free and easy to set up.


How to set up your GMB page

First you need to get yourself a google account if you haven’t already – one that you are happy to use in conjunction with your business, rather than linked to your home gmail account if possible. Just go to the google home page and click on the sign in button

why have a GMB page

Then claim your GMB page – click here

It’s pretty self explanatory but once you’ve got your basic business name and address filled in make sure you do the following:

  • Indicate whether it’s a service-area businesses on Google, i.e. you don’t serve customers at your address, or whether your business does serve customers from the address given. (Depending on your response, your full address will be hidden or shown).
  • Add photos of your business
  • Fill in your business category – you can have more than one.  They don’t always describe your business perfectly so pick the closest category.
  • Fill in your description and include keywords.
  • Post hours of operation
  • Include a phone number and website.

At this stage (or possibly earlier on) you may need to verify your business via a postcard or phonecall.  Once verified add in some more detail:

  • Add in posts (more about this in another blog but these are a great way of providing images and snippets that either tie in with an offer or your latest news.  They stay live for 7 days).
  • Encourage reviews – read more.

That’s about it – it’s simple to get started with your Google My Business Page.  There’s plenty of help and guidance through their help screens and if you are stuck or need some more guideance, give me a shout.

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