online-reviewIt’s a double whammy when you get a good online review

  • You get more credibility when a prospective client is making their mind up about you
  • It helps you in the search engine rankings

I’ve gone on elsewhere about the importance of getting reviews but it’s not an easy task.  To help you in your quest here is a quick tip make the whole process of getting Google reviews easier for you and your clients.

Create a simple link for customers to write reviews

By sending them the link to the Google review form for your business the process becomes so much easier. And here’s how you create your own unique link for your business.

Firstly, you need to have set up and verified your Google My Business page. (see my guide here).

Then go to the dashboard (home tab) on your GMB page, scroll down and click on the share review form link on the RHS

how to get a Google review

Then all you need to do is send your customers the link either in an email when the time is right – i.e. when they are happy with your service or on your website. You could include it in your email footer as well.

When customers click your link, a window will open in their browser. They’ll be able to rate your business and leave a review.

Remember that in order for a customer to leave you a google review they must have a google account themselves.  The link will prompt them to sign into their account if they aren’t already signed in.


So get your unique link for your Google reviews and give it a go.  After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get……

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