How to write a compelling About Us page

How to write a compelling About Us page

Your About Us page will be one of the most visited pages of your website – the page your site visitors read before making that final buying decision, so it’s critical it gives off the right message.

But when was the last time you took a look at it to see if it’s bringing value to your website?

You might be thinking it’s a fairly simple page to write. You know your own company and individual history pretty well so a couple of hundred words about who you are and how you got to be doing what you do – job done.

But don’t make the mistake that many businesses make – thinking your About Us page is all about them.  A good About Us page is far less about you and far more about your audience.

Put yourself in the mindset of a website visitor who is reading your About page.  They’ve already stumbled upon your website, so they have a general idea of who you are and what you do. However, they may not be ready to become a customer yet. They’re after information that tells them how you can solve their pain points and whether you are the kind of person or company that can help them.

You must address their needs and concerns and position your brand as a trustworthy resource so they can feel comfortable doing business with you.

Go back to your About Us page with a fresh pair of eyes and give your visitors a sound reason to choose you.

Here are 8 elements to include in your About Us page to get your readers hooked:

  1. Define your audience – what kind of people can your business help.
  2. Share your mission and values – what you believe and why.
  3. Tell your back story – but keep it brief. It’s a spot for you to talk about yourself — but only in the context of how you serve your readers.
  4. Use your own voice – people are making a decision about whether they want to have a business relationship with you. Avoid any jargon.
  5. Don’t over-complicate it – keep it simple and brief.
  6. Make sure the page links well to the rest of your site. Use natural links in your text to pages such as clients, case studies and services.
  7. Add images – not everyone wants their own mugshot online but it does help to build the rapport.
  8. End with a strong Call to Action to help turn your new visitors into clients.
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