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The old adage, a cobbler’s children have no shoes is no longer true for me.  After saying for ages that I needed a revamp and refresh of my own website and brand, I have finally got round to doing it.

I’m pleased to announce that Internet Marketing Naturally has now been renamed to BeNoticed.ONLINE

Website, emails and social media has all changed. (See new links below)

Why the rebrand to BeNoticed.ONLINE?

When I launched my own digital marketing consultancy in 2012, I came up with the name Internet Marketing Naturally as a backlash against all the underhand internet marketing techniques employed. Back then, in order to rank high on Google, the more dubious SEO companies used methods such as keyword stuffing, backlinks farming and article spinning.

The goal was to get to the top of Google without any thought as to whether you were giving the website visitor what they wanted. Got them to your website but the content didn’t make any sense or worse still, the website was about something else entirely – that didn’t matter. The SEO company had done their job by increasing your site traffic.

But did that help your site visitors or get your more customers? Very rarely. Most of the time it left people frustrated and hitting the back button, and SEOs with a poor reputation.

I wanted to offer a service that was about marketing your business in a natural way – solving people’s problems and delivering good service. Getting them to your website by ethical marketing methods and delivering content that made them stay on your site and buy from you. Hence the name Internet Marketing Naturally.

Move forward to 2020. Google has gone through many update and algorithm changes to reward websites that deliver true to their word by giving searchers what they want, and punishing sites that mislead and use black-hat marketing techniques. Many more marketing companies provide ethical, natural marketing solutions to get your business ranking. The name Internet Marketing Naturally became a bit old, tired and, annoyingly, too long winded as a domain name!

So I rebranded.  Helped by many people, including the insightful Gillian Burns of Health Circles, who asked me to succinctly explain what it is I did, the answer was obvious – I help you and your business be noticed online.  And by being noticed, you get more business.

When I pondered over the new name, my mind was made up when I saw the domain was available. So here I am.

My new website shows how I help you be noticed online through a range of digital services. From one-off reviews to regular monthly support, I make sure you have the right foundations and tools in place to carry out your digital marketing, and then focus on optimisation, engagement and conversion. You can see all my services here.

And a new name wouldn’t be complete without a new look and website. My thanks to Cris Black of Leaping Cow for coming up with the whole branding, style, colours, graphics and photos on my new site. Cris kept alive the natural concept by using a bee at the heart of my new logo and creating images that are inspired by the natural world. (But I stopped short of naming myself Bee Noticed – because I knew it would be misspelt).

be noticed online services
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tailor made digital marketing support
kick start your website marketing

And lastly my thanks to web developer Steve Wood of Scalar Enterprises who has worked hard to get the new website live and working efficiently.  It’s always a learning curve to be the one going through a website upgrade, so you know what pain your client can go through in similar situations.

So I’m looking forward to a new year, a brand new brand and helping my existing and new clients Be Noticed Online.

Happy 2021


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