, to the uninitiated, is the world’s largest marketplace for small services.  Or put it simply, a cheap and fun way of getting some really good stuff for your website and to help with your internet marketing, with prices starting at $5.

For me it gives a great but cost effective way of carrying out marketing activity on behalf of my clients.   Internet marketing techniques are constantly changing.  What might work one month, may dismally fail the next.  The trick is to try and test different ways to get your site up in the rankings and generate traffic.

BUT you don’t always want to spend lots of money testing (or you don’t have the budget to do it).  Here’s where fivver is great.  Say you want to create an infographic to

  1. Make your website more engaging
  2. Help your site rankings by creating sharing and backlinking oppportunities

you can try to create one yourself if you have a flair for design and the right software to do it (time & effort!), you can hire a graphic designer (at a cost) or you can try out fivver.  (OK, I know its not supporting the local job market but sometimes you’ve got to consider the alternatives.  I will always go local for more meaty projects where I want the face to face interaction).

Here’s a great example of a recent project I outsourced to fivver.  My clients wanted to spread the word about how to save money on your motor fleet insurance.  I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that insurance is a dry subject at the best of times (in fact they are the first to say that), so anything we can do to bring their message to life is great for the website.

So here’s an infographic that I commissed at fivver.  I’ve put it on their site and also shared it on lots of other social media platforms to help spread the message.

motor fleet insurance
Courtesy of: Fine Insurance

If you want to find out how fivver could help with your internet marketing and make your website more interesting get in touch

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